Apr 14

10,000 apply for 400 Defence Forces Openings

Military keen to modernise with efforts to recruit more women and ethnic minorities.

Nearly 10,000 people have applied for just 400 new jobs in the Defence Forces, the Sunday Independent has learned.

The Department of Defence has been swamped with applications for permanent and reserve forces positions in the army and navy.

Applications closed last week for the second major recruitment drive by the Defence Forces. In 2012, 10,460 people applied for 600 posts in the army and navy.

In this drive, a total of 9,441 have applied for 400 jobs so it will be even harder to get selected this time round.

Defence Minister Alan Shatter sanctioned the new posts in order to ensure that the army, navy and air corps maintains its “objective strength” of 9,500 personnel as the Defence Forces engages in its largest-ever multinational peacekeeping operations in 14 countries around the world.

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