Waste Management

Jun 14

300 Potential Jobs from E-waste Re-use

300 potential jobs from e-waste re-use, says reportSome 300 manufacturing jobs could potentially be created by re-using restored electronic waste which is otherwise thrown out each year, a new report from the University of Limerick (UL) suggests.

Entitled Re-Evaluate: Re-use of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, the report found that each year, Ireland recycles about 35,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment, which equates to about 7.5 kg for every person in the country.

As things stand from a European perspective, currently only between 25pc and 40pc of electronic equipment placed on the market enters recycling and, of this, only a tiny amount of the original rare and precious materials emerge from the recycling and sees the loss of plastics, gold, steel, aluminium and copper, which are mostly destroyed through shredding in developed countries.

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