I Want to Turn Every Single Trinity Student into an Entrepreneur.

Dr Patrick Prendergast at Trinity College. Photo: PAUL SHARP/SHARPPIX - See more at: http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/i-want-to-turn-every-single-trinity-student-into-an-entrepreneur-30366283.html#sthash.8x3WdGBz.dpufDr Patrick Prendergast at Trinity CollegeThe enterprising provost talks about his plans for a new business school.

IT IS a strange time to visit Trinity College Dublin. Its famous “great doors” have been restored after they were rammed by a mysterious car driver. The return of the ancient oak panels lends to the characteristic sense of timelessness at Ireland’s oldest university, but change is in the air.

Change isn’t always popular, especially in a place with such long standing traditions.

On the internet, wifi warriors rail against a decision to rename – or rebrand – the 400-year-old institution as Trinity College, the University of Dublin, a move presumably prompted by fears American or Chinese teenagers might mistake it for a secondary school.

As I arrive on campus, Front Square bustles with tourists soaking up the past, but yards away the university’s head, or provost, sits contemplating the future and his desire to attract a whole new class of visitors to the campus.

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